11 Sty 2016

Kazakh deceiver try to bribe polish politicians and influent polish politics.

In Lyon, France, takes place Ablyazov’s lawsuit, oligarch who has stolen over $6 billion from Kazakh people.

Ablyazov employs mercenaries, paying them enormous amounts of money. He believes that they are going to save him from fair trail. And those mercenaries, spend lots of money travelling around Europe trying to bribe politicians and journalists. Some politicians are intimidated by protests or threat of publication defamatory articles. From journalists, those mercenaries demand to write about Abliazow as a persecuted oppositionist. But in fact, mercenaries cannot deal with that task. For example, a letter of support for Ablyazov have signed barely 19 out of 751 members of European Parliament. Only holy God knows how many dollars were spend on this, but I suspect that not a little. In Europe, occurs intimidating politicians and threatening that they can be called partners of Nazarbayev’s dictatorship, if decisions will be made contrary to demands.

Ablyazov’s philosophy is simple- he have stolen 6 billions, so part of it must be spent on bribing politicians, journalists, NGO’s, and with the remaining billions live with family in Europe, laughing at human naivety.

That’s why Abliazow should not be treated as dissident, but as impostor.

Some people say that Ablyazov sponsored opposition in Kazakhstan. It has to be admitted, that he sponsored only those non-governmental organizations and media, which were created by his people, so they will be able to support Ablyazov and his entourage. Ablyazov media are mainly writing about his colleagues, hardly ever mentioning about others harassed by regime , to look convincingly.

Ablyazov once managed to obtain political asylum in Great Britain. But after being sentenced to 22 months in prison for contempt of court, Ablyazov absconded with exotic RSA passport to France.

Another outrageous and disgusting fact about Ablyazov is his collaboration with Russian nationalist A. Potkin (A. Belov), who insulted, organized pogroms and persecuted people of different nations, including Jews, Caucasian and Central Asia representatives. Ablyazov did not abhor hiring him as a close associate to manage his property. It means that if Ablyazov came to power he would rule with his Russian nationalists like Potkin-Belov.

The whole activity of the “Open Dialogue” foundation is aimed to defend their boss, Kazakh oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov. This man stole 6 billion dollars from Kazakh people and run away to western countries. And now he tries to be a part of the Kazakh opposition. I am an obstacle for them, as I am working in “Wspolnota Kazachska” association, I am famous in Poland and Kazakhstan for being an activist and telling the truth about their boss.

Our first actions as “Wspolnota Kazachska” took place in 2002/2003, for example when the honorary doctorate was meant to be given to Nursultan Nazarbaev, which he did not deserved. From this time, we took action many times  for which our organization is famous in Poland and Kazakhstan. It bothers them so they want me to be quiet.

The “Open Dialogue” foundation firstly was dealing only with Kazakhstan, then they expanded their activity also on Ukraine and Russia. They criticized authorities only for creating “activity history” to be more credible. But their main goal is to exonerate their boss, oligarch Ablyazov. He pays for their lavish life, their activity by shady funding.

It is dangerous that their boss, Ablyazov for enormous amounts of money stolen from Kazakh people creates mafia-like structures. He started from organizing it in Poland. Mafia-like, because mafia means money and power- and they with money try to bribe polish politician and influence our politics.

The true opposition has nothing in common with Ablyazov, despite his people proclaim that they are the only true opposition, and those who do not cooperate with Ablyazov are collaborating with Nazarbayev’s regime.  Vilification of the true opposition- this is how Ablyazov’s colleagues and mercenaries work.

The fact that Ablyazov is calling himself oppositionist causes huge harm for the true opposition. The true opposition in Kazakhstan does not have stolen billions and does not cooperate with criminals.

The motto of true Kazakh opposition is- People of the opposition have to be like Cezar’s wife- above any suspicion, so at home and abroad will inspire confidence, respect and support.

We, the Kazakh opposition will continue fight with injustice and dictatorship in Kazakhstan. Possessing vast of resources in their land, Kazakh society deserves a better life than today.

Balli Marzec,
Kazakh abroad opposition


Balli Marzec